5 de mar. de 2008


da Folha de S.Paulo

A Chancelaria da França declarou nesta terça-feira que a Colômbia sabia que Paris mantinha contatos com Raúl Reyes, o segundo homem no comando das Farc, a fim de negociar a libertação de reféns mantidos pela guerrilha.


da BBC

Colombia's ambassador to the OAS, Camilo Ospina, denied there had been an incursion.

He said the Colombian army had fired at the Farc (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) camp from helicopters in Colombian airspace.

He reiterated that documents found at the camp linked both Ecuador and Venezuela to the Colombian rebel group.


"Colombia has never been a country to go to war with its neighbours," he said. "We are not mobilising troops, nor advancing toward war."

The military defeat of Farc has been a cornerstone of Mr Uribe's administration since he came to power in 2002.

Colombia has received billions of dollars in aid to fight the guerrillas from the US administration which, along with the EU, views Farc as a terrorist organisation.


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